Special grout and fill formulation

Mudtech supply formulation expertise and ingredients for non-standard mixes such as

  • foamed grout
  • non-cementitious grout

Contract installation
Non-standard installations often require the development of special techniques. We can rapidly develop and apply the required methods.

Non cementitious mixes
Variants of polymer and bentonite techniques can be used to install stable grouts and fills containing no cement. They use hydration rather than chemical reactions to set. Advantages:

  • Usable where cement is disallowed, for example because of chemical reactivity, heat generation, or environmental limitations


  • Light, non-aggressive chemical control techniques


  • Can be formulated so as to firm up in place but not in the pipe

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Resinex water stop
Mudtech Resinex (click here for details) foamed resin sealant is simple to apply and effectively seals against water inflow at shaft entry/exit.

Depending on the structural strength required, foamed cements, concrete and grout based on Morrison foam chemistry offers many advantages, including:

  • self levelling
  • does not need compacting
  • flowable for trench fill and void filling applications
  • excellent pumpability
  • reduced cost and material requirement - up to 80% air entrainment in finished product
  • minimal water requirement
  • can be mixed using existing conventional equipment (no special equipment required)
  • high adhesion and conformability
  • low density - can be used to grout around light installations which would float in normal grout, or to inject over layers of denser fluid.

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