Barhale Catcliffe-

The site was previously an old colliery resulting in the presence of high levels of hydrocarbons in the soil.  A system was devised to deal with contaminated groundwater arising from dewatering during shaft construction. 

 Murphys Shetlands-

When Murphy's Environmental Manager Brian O'Connell was addressing the aspects and impacts for a pipeline project in Shetland he called on Mudtech to help with wastewater management. The job was challenging as the peat landscape and the high organic content of the soil meant that some suspended solids in the wastewater sank when flocculated and some floated.

Barhale Disley-

Trial of Pumpsafe Ultra on Environmental Agency contract. 

BFK London-

The plant handles flows up to 40,000 litres per hour of water with high pH and high levels of rapidly settling suspended solids.


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