Diaphragm walling, piling, hydrofraise and slurry supported excavation

Mudtech supply a complete range of ancillary products and services for diaphragm walling and piling including:

Muds for diaphragm walls, barrettes, slurry trenches

  • Bentonite slurries can be enhanced or replaced by Mudtech performance polymers


  • Closed circuit slurry recycling systems, in which no surplus over-weight mud is generated, can drastically improve performance and cut costs. In fact, all slurry can be dewatered to produce clear water and cake for disposal.


  • Special performance and environmental formulations are available to order


  • Foam adaptations of slurry techniques

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Closed circuit, dry discharge slurry separation
Mudtech shaker and hydrocyclone/centrifuge combinations offer big savings in operating and dumping costs - contact us for details.

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