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Tremendous Benefits of EPB...

  • Control and regulation of face pressure
  • Control of face water
  • Preventing over and under mining
  • Small surface plant

But sometimes there are problems...
Tunnels have to be dug in ground where the EPB TBM needs a little help, such as:

  • Alternating hard and soft ground
  • Mixed face
  • Wet running sand
  • Fragile surface and underground assets
  • Dry non-flowing sands and clays
  • Gravels, pebbles, boulders
  • All of the above

Mudtech have the solutions
Mudtech EPB foam and polymer spoil conditioning works by:

  • Converting muck as it is mined into a good EPB or pumpable consistency
  • Allowing mixed face (for example, wet running sand plus hard rock) to be mined efficiently
  • Making a waterproofing plug in the screw
  • Mining sticky clay with a rock head

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Full respect for the environment
Mudtech's conditioning products are designed for minimal environmental impact.

Pumped muck
Some types of spoil are more pumpable than others. Mudtech spoil conditioning allows you to pump spoil easily without excessive water addition. We have foams specially formulated for clay stickiness control in the face and plenum.

Foam generators - hire or buy
Mudtech offer complete spoil conditioning systems (EPB foam generator and polymer injection systems) to contractors and manufacturers, Contact us for hire and sale prices. Designed for all major additive types.

It's all about muck...
Correct treatment converts self-levelling slurry from a wet sand/siltface into material that is optimised for handling and disposal/re-use.


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