SEMINAR: EPB spoil conditioning

Relevant to:

  • Tunnel bidding and contracting
  • Tunnel engineering and feasibility
  • TBM design
  • Environmental compliance
  • Buying and estimating

Please allow 2 to 4 hours for the seminar. The course will provide useful methods and skills, and attendees will receive a course certificate.

The course can also expand over one or two day to form a workshop to produce a comprehensive, costed proposal for EPB conditioning on a bid or an existing project.

To make it as useful and relevant as possible, the course will be mainly based on your own project if the relevant geological and other information is available.

In order to have the required course material prepared, it would be helpful if you could nominate someone from your office to contact us and co-ordinate the event.

Although Mudtech products will be used for demonstration purposes, this is a training initiative, not a "sales pitch" and we will be happy to use competing products if you have samples available.

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We normally cover the following topics:

  • Theoretical basis of EPB spoil conditioning
  • Calculations for predicting chemical usage and cost
  • Design and operation of foam and polymer injection systems
  • Classification and description of chemical types in field use
  • EPB optimisation in:
  • Clays and silts
  • Sands and gravels
  • Cobbles
  • Rock intervals
  • Mixed face
  • Wet face
  • Selection of chemical types according to:
  • Effect required in the TBM according to the face geology
  • Required consistency for the conveying method being used
  • Intended end use or destination of the muck
  • Overview of environmental aspects of additive use
  • Quality Checking
  • Standard methods of testing the quality of competing brands
  • Checking for consistency of supply
  • Specifying product quality

To arrange a course please contact

The fee is £895.00 per day plus travel and expenses. A credit note, good against Mudtech products and equal to the fee paid, is issued on settlement of our account.

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