Polymer rich EPB Tunnelling Foam

features and Benefits

TKF POLYRICH meets the challenges of both rocky and clay-poor TBM face in closed mode. Like all our EPB products, TKF POLYRICH is carefully designed to optimise muck flow properties for best advance rate and excellent EPB pressure control. 

Specific benefits Helps to create plastic flow conditions in the absence of natural clay lubrication. Reduces cutterhead wear. Reduces torque by improving muck lubrication within the cutterhead and plenum. Eases feed to screw. Plasticises self levelling sludge. Curbs water flow. Creates very stable, viscous foam.


How To Use

The recommended formulation per cubic metre of foam solution (i.e. product + water) for TKF POLYRICH in normal circumstances is 2 to 5 per cent. In very demanding conditions, this can be increased.

ADDITIVE DOSAGE Recommended treatment rate using the above TKF POLYRICH formula in most instances is 100 to 160 litres per cubic metre of in-situ soil. FIR/FER All Mudtech EPB products can be applied at any desired "Foam Injection Rate" and "Foam Expansion Rate".


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Liquid: 25, 60, 200, and 1000 kg containers; bulk.