High performance polymer concentrate

features and Benefits

TK-60, an easy-mixing liquid polymer concentrate, is a valuable aid in all kinds of freshwater mud and foam drilling and coring.

Effective at less than half of 1% in water (usually 2 to 4 kg per cubic metre) TK-60 dramatically reduces clay swelling, allowing difficult, sticky formations like London Clay to be drilled with ease.

Extremely effective lubricating action - reduces torque and drag and keeps the bit clean.

TK60 dramatically reduces hole problems and allows most kinds of bore-holes to be drilled much faster than with water or clay mud alone. The best general-purpose mud for most applications.

TK-60, when added to AERO-32 foam solution, provides a stiff foam with excellent carrying capacity combined with superb lubrication andclay stabilisation.

TK-60 is particularly useful in open pit settling systems because it encourages the rapid drop-out of solids on surface, leaving clear water for re-use.

Because of its exceptional yield - one 25 kg drum will provide up to 10,000 litres of excellent mud - TK-60 is ideal for all kinds of drilling operations in remote areas, as well as major geotechnical and civil engineering projects.

Note: TK60 is not recommended for use in salty water - we recommend MX Polymer instead.

TK60 is particularly effective as a geotechnical lubricant when used in combination with SLOOP EC polymer.

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How To Use

Typical concentration: 0.3% to 1.0% solution.

For added lifting capacity add MX Polymer.

Contact Mudtech for detailed advice on using this product in your slurry system.



Liquid: 25, 60, 200, and 1000 kg containers.