Extremely powerful flocculant for centrifuge processing

This powerful and versatile product has been used throughout the UK for on-site slurry processing for over a decade - yet remains unsurpassed in performance because of its uniquely high strength - up to twice as concentrated as many competing products.

TK50 is a dispersion containing NO WATER - - not a lower performing emulsion which may look similar but contains large amounts of water to make it cheaper to produce.

As part of the Morrison CCS system, TK50 helps ensure:

Maximum production due to low slurry weight and thickness

Excellent quality disposal product

Minimised slurry dumping

Excellent environmental profile


Typical concentration: 0.3% to 1.0% solution.

Contact Mudtech for detailed advice on using this product in your slurry system.

Non-toxic: biodegrades slowly. MSDS and COSHH advice available on request.

WKG Class 1.

Liquid: 25, 60, 200, and 1000 kg containers.

(Other formats available formats upon requests)