Geotechnical bridging agent/lubricant

features and Benefits

Use for:
Water control in EPB chamber;
Caisson Sinking, Pipe and Structure Jacking (in conjunction with TK60 polymer);
Tunnel Face Conditioning - Mud and Slurry Loss Control for Rotary and Directional Drilling

Less than 1/2 kg of product makes a cubic metre of slurry!

Semi-solid - yet pumps readily via a diaphragm or mono pump. When hydrated will not damage or block pumps or downhole motors.

Caisson/jacking formula with TK60 prevents clay swelling

Forms a super-lubricating, easily pumpable structural-gel filler against migration of sand and fines into the annulus or plenum.

Lumpy consistency resists lubricant loss to loose ground

Displaced readily by grout, the calcium/alkali chemistry of which also degrades the anti-friction properties of any remaining polymer film.

Low slump semisolid: avoids catastrophic loss if major leak path opens.

Soft setting solution can be applied behind the bottom ring of segments prior to underpinning at rock-head.

Degradable, non toxic, safe in use

Very low visual and environmental impact if accidentally released into water bodies

Can be used in conjunction with foam, polymers or bentonite.

Unlike all other common lost circulation materials, SLOOP EC will not foul pump valves, plug screen separation equipment, or impede or damage downhole motors or other complex equipment. The optimum choice for slurry tunnelling, MWD and directional drilling.

Can be formulated as an air stop in CSM-Bessac type headings.


How To Use

Fill paddle mixer or pumped recirculating tank with water. Add 2 litres of TK60 Liquid. Mix 2 minutes. Add 2 kg of Sloop Powder. Mix 10 - 20 minutes. Pump as required.

Notes for using in HDD applications
General preparation: Prepare a separate fresh water or water/polymer slurry at a rate of 1 to 4 kg per cubic metre. 1 kg dry sloop = approx 1 litre/ 1 us quart measured volume 1 cubic metre = 220 us gallons

If used with a mud motor or other equipment having restricted flow paths, ensure that the sloop granules are fully hydrated before pumping. This will take 15 to 40 minutes. When fully hydrated the granules will be soft, easily squeezed flat, and transparent.

Lost circulation:For partial losses, or to prevent mud loss, add gradually to the circulating mud. For severe or total losses, prepare thick slurry comprising your existing mud formula plus 2 to 3 kg of sloop per cubic metre

Borehole stabilisation: Sloop is compatible with morrison tk60 and mx borehole conditioning agents.Use in conjunction with morrison mx polymer to help stabilise sands and gravels.


Low toxicity, safe in use. Employ normal industrial hygiene. Slippery underfoot when wet - clean up at once.


Powder: 25 kg sacks

(Other formats available upon request)