Controls loss of slurry/grout/lubricant to porous ground

features and Benefits

Recommended for open, weak, loose, abrasive or granular soil. Effective in fresh and saline environments. Inhibits swelling clays.

SEAJACK UNIVERSAL was originally developed to promote low jacking pressures on demanding sea outfall drives. Equally effective inland on challenging drives in all ground types, including clays, sands, chalk, gravel, cobbles, rock and mixed or variable clay/granular face.

  • One sack complex mix
  • Greatly reduces likelihood of using interjacks, even on long drives
  • Forms physical "break layer" between pipe and soil
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Self-healing formula inhibits loss of lubricant in sands, gravels and cobbles
  • Ideal for weak ground, shallow cover, and environmental breakout risk
  • Safest choice for suspended drives (holiday, mechanical downtime etc)
  • Thixotropic formula helps stabilise sands and gravels
  • Prevents/inhibits clay swelling
  • Highly effective in fresh and salt water
  • Annulus maintaining formula helps maintain continuity of annulus and effective pressure reduction
  • Thick and fibrous, but easy to pump and displace to grout.
  • Environmental impact very low, perfect for fragile environments

How To Use

SEAJACK UNIVERSAL can be recommended at 1 sack per 1000 litres of water depending on ground conditions and salinity.
VERY IMPORTANT: Start applying full strength SEAJACK mix right at the start of the drive!


SEAJACK UNIVERSAL is a low-hazard formulation requiring no special labelling. Normal industrial clothing including dust mask, protective gloves and goggles should be worn when handling.
In case of eye contact, flush eye thoroughly with clean water.
CONSULT MSDS SHEET and assess safe use policy before use.

SEAJACK UNIVERSAL is a very low toxicity fusion of biodegradable and chemically inert polymers - WGK class 1. MSDS sheet on request.

15kg sacks. Engineered polymer blend.

Compatible with:

  • Fresh and salt water
  • All ground types

Made in the UK, exported worldwide.