MX Bore; 100% biodegradable drilling mud with very low fluid loss and high carrying capacity; even with low pump rates.

features and Benefits

MX Bore polymer is recomended for drilling in all conditions. Does not damage return permeability and can be "burned off" with MX breaker as required. Also provides stability and suspension in unconsolidated ground.

  • Highly thixotropic (i.e. pumps easily but has a high carrying capacity)
  • Very Low fluid loss
  • Excellent carrying capacity
  • Clay inhibition
  • Excellent suspension and shear thinning in salt water.

Download Product Data Sheet here


How To Use

Use, Kilograms per 1000 lires of fresh or salt water:

Sands and Gravels: 3 to 6

Rock: 3 to 5

Clay and Silts: 2 to 4


MX Bore polymer has been specificaly manafactured for safety in use , and are very low-hazard formulation requiring no special labeling. Please refer to MSDS (material safety data sheet) for this product. CEFAS registered as safe to use.


Comes in 25kg sacks