Stabiliser & dust binder for unpaved roads and sites

features and Benefits

DUST ACE is well suited for a variety of uses such as car parks, driveways, road shoulders, where paving is too costly and dust conditions become intolerable; and for more specialist quarrying, horticultural, and waste management applications.

DUST ACE coats individual road particles with a thin adhesive film that binds and packs them together for a stronger surface. Consequently, as well as "laying" dust, water uptake by the road bed surface is greatly reduced and the binder is less likely to be washed away by rain.

Benefits of DUST ACE for Road Applications:
Saves Money - 70% or bigger reduction in water consumption and road-spray plant operating time.

Creates a Denser, Firmer Road Cap - Reduces the sliding hazards of loose dirt and gravel by binding them into a hard, skid-resistant surface.

Safe for Personnel and the Environment - Can be applied without special equipment or clothing.

Improves Health and Safety - By controlling dust clouds, visibility on dirt roads is significantly increased, and a significant health hazard is eliminated.

Improves your Public Image - by economically protecting third parties from dust nuisance and hazard.

Reduces Water Consumption and Sprinkler Use - by 75% to 95% compared with plain water.

Improves Efficiency - Vehicles can travel over treated area immediately, eliminating the need to re-route traffic. Dust is less likely to enter engine parts, reducing equipment maintenance requirements.

Reduces Road Repairs - Hardened road surfaces are less likely to suffer the ribbed washboard effect common with untreated gravel or dirt roads. As a result, frequent grading can be reduced or eliminated.

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How To Use

Recommendations for Effective Application: Treatment required will vary depending on site conditions. However, the following guidelines may be applied initially:

DUST CONTROL: 3% to 5% solution at normal water spraying rate.

10 to 25 litres of concentrate per square metre applied via 25% to 50% in water solution to a depth of 250 mm to 500 mm.


Suck up required amount of concentrate (see graduated marks on side of supplied tank) then top up with water as required.


THICK FOAM variants available for problem sites.


DUST ACE is an exceptionally safe material in use. It is non-toxic and non -hazardous.


Liquid: 25, 60, 200, and 1000 kg containers.