Stiffening agent for wet sludges & self levelling waste

features and Benefits

DryAdd is a finely graded copolymer especially designed to dry up geotechnical and environmental liquids, self levelling soils, silts and sludges, in order to allow the material to be stacked and handled as a full payload solid rather than a reduced-payload, troublesome self levelling substance.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Allows runny and self levelling material to be moved as solid using common earthmoving techniques
  • Allows full payload mucking away
  • Negligible bulking (less than 2%)

How To Use

Sprinkle on to material to be treated and work in. Treatment range 5 to 15 kg/tonne depending on wetness and pollution.

A stackable, soil-like consistency will develop.

Typical applications

Chemical/industrial residues, brownfield clean up

  • Geotechnical arisings
  • Lagoon clearance
  • Lake and waterway desilting

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Non hazardous, non toxic, biodegradable. Contact Mudtech for an MSDS and handling advice.

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Powder/granule: 25 kg sacks.