High performance super-concentrated drilling formula

features and Benefits

AERO-32 is an essential aid in all types of air drilling - air, foam, or mist.

AERO-32 is compatible with fresh water, sea-water, or brine and produces a rich, long lasting "shaving foam" consistency.

 AERO-32 based systems can reduce drill water requirement and disposal problems by allowing you to switch from water to foam drilling.

Important Benefits of AERO-32 Foam Drilling

  • Exceptional water lift
  • Non-damaging to aquifers: leaves low yielding horizons unimpaired
  • Minimal to zero pollution
  • Cleans the hole
  • Reduced clay sticking and "mud rings"
  • Alternative to mud in loss zones and environmentally sensitive areas
  • Increase borehole stability
  • Biodegradable
  • Requires less air velocity than straight air drilling - which means less downhole erosion
  • Mud pits are not required
  • Suppresses dust when added to air stream

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How To Use


Straight foam: 5 to 50 litres (depending on water quality and foam thickness required) of AERO-32 in 1000 litres of water.

AERO-32 can be used in conjunction with TK60 Polymer and/or MX to create super-stabilising, high-lift and lubricating technical foams. These require 5 to 25 litres of AE60 plus 1 to 3 kg of TK60 or MX per 1000 litres of water.

Consult Mudtech for more detailed advice on your requirements.


Inject into airstream as required to generate the required foam consistency.

NOTE: Straight high-volume air drilling is ideal for dry formation being drilled at speed, for example in Coal Bed Methane operations. Where direct venting of air/cuttings returns is disallowed, eg in built up areas, ask about Mudtech's DELUGE system for cost effective total containment and disposal of air drilling spoil.


Biodegradable• Non-flammable - safe in use


Liquid: 25, 60, 200, and 1000 kg containers