Excellent water separation is vital to efficient slurry tunnelling.

Separation difficulties result in:

  • Severe loss of advance rate due to over-weight slurry.


  • Equipment wear due to excessive solids in the slurry


  • Major expenses in dumping and diluting the slurry

Mudtech specialise in centrifugal flocculaton techniques which remove all fines and return clear water to the system.

Centripod centrifuge system

The three companies MudtechManvers engineering and Baioni have agreed a joint venture for the production of the Centripod centrifuge system to be manufactured in the Baioni works in Italy. For more information click here.

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Viscosity and Gel Strength
Plain water is generally the best fluid for slurry tunnelling in clays. But in difficult conditions such as gravels, cobbles, and open running sands, Mudtech use the science of rheology to formulate special slurries - with or without bentonite - which

  • Prevent scouring and over-mining


  • Resist slurry loss into the ground


  • Provide real support for unstable face


  • Give very high cuttings loading at lower pump rates


  • Prevents settling out in pipes, pumps and tanks

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