Cost effective/high performance for EPB production

features and Benefits

(Can be used with TK60 Polymer)

TKF EXPORT is a high expansion foam additive for mechanised tunnelling. It helps to maximise production by:

Reducing or preventing clogging of TBM cutter head assemblies.

Conditioning for easy flow in pumped muck conveying systems (e.g. Putzmeister).

Increasing shear effect in the mining operation.

Reducing cutterhead torque.

Promoting good flow properties in the spoil.

Muck plasticisation with minimal water addition.

Promoting true EPB support by converting the muck mass into a pressure regulating and transmitting medium.

Ensuring best condition of muck for transport from site

Suppressing dust.

Although mainly used for EPB, TBM foam injection can benefit other tunnelling methods - call for advice.


How To Use

Normal treatment recommendation: from 1 to 5 kg per cubic metre of in situ spoil. Solution concentration at start-up should be 5% for heavy clays; it can usually be reduced in easier ground.

Contact for detailed advice on using this product in your TBM. If it is not fitted with foam generating and additive dosing equipment, or you need to upgrade, we can supply and install these at low cost. For trials or limited one-off use, temporary, low-cost set-ups can be devised using your own plant.



Non toxic; readily biodegradable. WGK 1. Note: TKF Export EPB FOAM is the most concentrated foaming agent of its type on the market. Actual optimum usage concentrations will therefore be lower than weaker alternatives.

MSDS and CoSHH advice available on request

For Product Data Sheet PDF please click here


Liquid: 25, 60, 200, and 1000 kg containers; bulk.