Nappy Sacks

features and Benefits

Non-woven hydrophilic polypropylene specially developed to allow fast flow of water, whilst filtering solids and oil residue.

 Used to empty settlement tanks that have been flocculated

 Filters water and absorbs contaminants

 Eliminates the need for suction wagons to empty the settlement tanks, saving both time and money.

Nappy Sack by Plant Nappy


How To Use

When supported in a Mudtech Frame, a Plant Nappy Sack will enable the emptying of Settlement Tanks and traps eradicating the need to tanker away liquid waste. The settled solids may be pumped into a sack wherein the cleaned water passes through the felted polypropylene walls retaining the solid phase and trapping any oils in the side walls.

This simple equipment allows settlement systems to be sited where access is difficult and it is inconvenient to accept extra traffic and personnel. The clean water will drain from the sack the solids can then be tipped out for disposal or reused on site and the sack can be reused to.




Sack Dimensions: 900 x 1100 x 1000 approx