Ground stablising mud viscosofier/foam additive

features and Benefits

Salt water compatible - excellent pipe jacking lubricant and stabiliser for salt water sands and gravels

Very effective thickener for water based muds, slurries and jacking lubricants. Excellent carrying capacity - yet easy to pump because of its "shear thinning" characteristics - allows increased carrying capacity in the slurry at lower pump rates. This allows laminar flow behaviour and reduces risk of scouring. Recommended for:

Challenging HDD applications.

Wireline coring, especially continuous diamond coring where high quality cores are required.

Stabilises and supports sands, gravels, and weak strata: builds high gel strength when static and reduces risk of over/under mining.

Very low concentrations (1 to 3 kg per cubic metre) will give excellent slurry with superb face and loose wall stabilising properties. Depending on bentonite quality and water hardness, one to 3 sacks of MX will replace 1 tonne of bentonite.

Alternatively, MX may be used to supplement the viscosity profile (gel strength) of low cost bentonite slurry.

Biodegradable - non toxic.

Non-particulate: leaves no skin at the soil-grout interface.

Excellent transport properties allow easy suspension of solid additives such as barite, mica, technical sands.etc. Prevents settling-out of sands in long horizontal pipe runs.

Our best additive for thick foam.

Plug flow characteristic likely to give clean, abrupt interface between slurry and grout.

MX POLYMER is particularly recommended as a stabilising agent in slurry tunnelling to provide face support when sands, gravels, cobbles etc are encountered. Its main advantages are: high viscosity coupled with ease of centrifugal pumping - a combination not possible with bentonite alone; and ease of removal via centrifuge.

MX does not impede the effectiveness of on-site flocculation systems. 1 to 5 kg per cubic metre of water based slurry. Can be used in conjunction with bentonite etc. Use jet hopper or colloidal mixer for best results.

Ensure high efficiency sand separation for best results - please contact Mudtech regarding choice of equipment for efficient separation of thixotropic slurry.



How To Use

0.25 to 5 kg per cubic metre of water based slurry. Can be used in conjunction with bentonite - see details above (Use "straight" MX in salt water - bentonite will not work with salt water).

Use jet hopper or colloidal mixer for best results. If using paddle mixer, part fill the mixer with water, att all the MX, give it a good mix up then top up with water.


Biodegradable, non toxic, safe in use BUT always read the MSDS sheet before using for the first time. Note: Slippery when wet.


Powder: 25 kg sacks

(Other formats available upon request)