Concrete Washout Treatment System to safely reduce the pH of concrete washwater.

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The Problem

Water in contact with green cement will have a raised pH. pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14 where 7 is neutral, 0 is highly acidic and 14 highly alkaline. Concrete wash waters are both hazardous and polluting. Typically they have a high pH (11-12), high suspended solids and other trace materials, some originating from cement, others from additives or from the mixing equipment. Concrete delivery and production is carried out daily on thousands of construction sites nationwide.Concrete mixers, wagons and related equipmen need to be washed off regularly. Managing the disposal of concrete wash waters legally and in an environmentally responsible way has always been difficult for the construction industry and now it has a raised profile and concern to regulators. Environment Agency Guidance

 The solution

pH Blue Cube and Plant Nappy Sack

Mudtech and,Plant Nappy have worked together in order to provide this simple concrete washout solution now available from Mudtech Tank Division.

  washout trio

Washout diagram




How To Use

The concrete wagon washes the chute only into the bag using a 10% pH Blue and water pumped from the IBC container.


The alkaline cement water is neutralised as it is washed into the Nappy Sack. Typically the pH will be reduced to between 8 and 9.

Solids settle in the bag.

Nappy Sack

The wash-water passes through the membrane where it is pumped back into the IBC, making a closed loop

Sack side

When the bag is full, after 50 to 70 plus chute washes at around 20 litres per wash, it can be replaced with a new bag and the old one allowed to drain further on site. The water will not be hazardous the cement cures it no longer poses a hazard so the bag may then be emptied into a skip or the contents used on site.



BlueRinse and DribblePotSimple Concrete Washout System


Mudtech's BlueRinse Concrete Washout System 

BlueRinse pH control

pH Blue available in 25 litres, 200 litres and 1000 litres.